Sunset above the Lake Constance - Switzerland

Moselle Valley – Germany

Discover Lake Constance: Self Guided Bike Tour

Self-Guided 6 days

Discover the Lake Constance Hinterland. This tour takes you off the beaten path and through forests teeming with life. Pass through Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, enjoying the diverse region.

230 km

Tour overview


This six-day self-guided bike tour around the edge of Lake Constance is a tour not to be missed by anyone who loves exploring nature, discovering cultural heritage and learning about history. Each day will bring a mix of easy riding (all routes are mapped out) and off-the-bike exploring around the local area and sites, with guided tours around some of the most spectacular cathedrals in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 

The natural landscapes in this area are also something to behold. You’ll ride through shaded forests, colourful orchards and green vineyards and hop from one village to the next. Located at the foot of the Alps, this area is rich in flora and fauna and offers stunning views as far as the eye can see. The contrast of lush green against the white snow-capped mountains creates a picture-postcard scene you won’t want to leave. It is not surprising that so many artists, poets and sculptors have at one time or another called this place home.

Each night you’ll be staying in luxurious three and four star hotels that boast incredible views of the lake or nearby town. Once you have completed the day’s cycling itinerary, the rest of the day is yours to explore! Take a walk around the local area and discover every corner of these historic locations at your own pace, whether that’s walking to the top of a nearby hill to watch the sun set, or enjoying a well-deserved ice cream in the town square. 

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Highlights of your cycling trip

Picturesque Routes

Ride through the beautiful lakeside towns of Überlingen, Meersburg, Lindau, and Constance as you explore the lush green landscapes, forests and meadows of this wonderful area. Enjoy the quiet country roads of Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Boutique Stays

Each night you will stay in a wonderful three or four star hotel along your route. Each one has been specifically chosen due to their facilities for cyclists and their excellent location, allowing you to make the most of your free time and enjoy everything the local area has to offer.

support vehicle

Luggage Transfers

All you have to do is focus on pedalling! Your luggage will be transferred each day to your next hotel by car.

Tour destination

Lake Constance

Three countries, one lake! Lake Constance, also known as Bodensee in German, borders Austria, Switzerland and Germany. It measures 63 km in length and is fed by the River Rhine. It is surrounded by small towns and cities, such as Bregenz, Constance and St.Gallen, and is a hugely popular destination among outdoor and water sports enthusiasts, with plenty of sailing, paddle boarding and windsurfing activities going on. This tour follows the Bodensee-Radweg cycle path that follows the edge of the lake and stretches for around 260 km in total. One of the most impressive natural phenomena in the area, and a must-see for visitors, are the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen, the largest waterfall in Europe.

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  • Weather

    The weather in the area of Lake Constance is generally mild all year round, with warm summers of around 25ºC and cool winters with temperatures that rarely drop below 0ºC. Spring, summer and autumn offer the most pleasant cycling conditions with little rainfall, which will allow you to see and enjoy the area in all its glory.

  • Terrain

    Following the edge of the lake means the route stays relatively flat. Being a known cycle path, the pavement is well-maintained and practically free of cars. You will ride less than 50 km per day as the tour has been designed so that most riders can achieve the daily distances.

  • Culture

    The culture in this scenic area of south Germany is alive with mediaeval charm and elegance. The architecture speaks for itself with another wonderfully preserved half-timbered building around every corner, incredible Gothic architecture in the form of cathedrals and castles, and views across vineyards, meadows and nature reserves over the rolling hills and towards the nearby Alps. Lake Constance is the area’s main attraction, as well as the cities and villages located on its shores. If you’re a fan of good food and wine, there’s no shortage of restaurants, cafés and taverns to visit where you can sample some of the best local produce.

Accommodation during your tour

Parkhotel St. Leonhard


Throughout the week you’ll be staying in beautiful three- and four-star hotels. Each one has been specifically selected to make sure you are able to rest and relax after a full day of exploring. They also have all the facilities you will need as travelling cyclists.

Gasthof Schwanen

Salem / Markdorf

The Gasthof Schwanen is the simplest hotel on our Lake Constance trip.

However, its location on the Schlossgelän-de Salem is unique! The home-style cooking with a romantic beer garden is perfect after a day in the saddle.

Lindauer Hof


One of the best addresses on the island of Lindau. It is particularly picturesquely situated on the harbour with a view of the famous view from Lindau’s harbour entrance.

A family-run, comfortable 4-star hotel with friendly service. The ideal location tempts you to take an evening stroll along the promenade. The beautiful winter garden restaurant with a view of the lake invites you to stop.


St. Gallen

Four-star hotel with very comfortable furnishings behind a classical facade.

It is ideally located for an evening stroll through the nearby old town and the venerable district of St. Gallen Cathedral and its monastery district.

Hotel Porto Sofie


The historic, listed half-timbered house is picturesquely situated on the banks of the Seerhein / Bodensee in the idyllic and romantic Gottlieben. Staying here is an exclusive pleasure because in summer this house is often booked out well in advance for weddings and anniversaries.

A comfort restriction arises due to its different room sizes, which are due to the historical floor plan. Some rooms are quite small. But the very atmospheric ambience in a fantastic location makes up for it.

Tour itinerary

Your guide to a perfect cycling tour

Überlingen - Salem
  • Distance
    34 km

Today’s route: Überlingen to Salem


Please remember to bring your suitcases down to reception each morning by 9 am and inform the hotel staff that they will be picked up by the Lake Constance Cycle Route Service. If you have booked rental bikes, they will be delivered by 9:30 am.

Your first route starts with an easy descent before a stretch of undulating terrain that takes us off the public path and into nearby forests and meadows with views of the lake. Before you reach Meersberg, you should stop at Birnau, a spectacular pink Cistercian abbey church built between 1747 and 1750 by Peter Thumb of Vorarlberg. It has an incredibly intricate decor inside, especially the ceiling that features breathtaking frescos by German Rococo painter Gottfried Bernhard Göz. The balustrade in front of the church offers wonderful panoramic views across the lake. 

You could stop again in Meersburg, one of the most enchanting mediaeval villages surrounding the lake. Surrounded by green meadows and vineyards, its narrow, clean streets and peaceful atmosphere by the lake offer calm and tranquillity in comparison to some of the busier towns in the area. It was once home to many artists. You will arrive around lunchtime to take the chance to grab some food and a coffee before setting off again for the afternoon.

After lunch, the route leads along a path that traverses fields, forests and meadows to reach Salem, once a Cistercian monastery. The monks from the monastery once used this path to walk to Birnau to hold mass. The monastery appears suddenly, as if from nowhere. It is a blend of Gothic and Baroque architecture and art that is home to a well-known boarding school. You might choose to join a short tour (approximately one hour) or have a coffee in the nearby Schwanen Inn before setting off once again. 

Tonight you will stay at Gasthof Schwanen (or equivalent). Built in 1665 as an inn for the Cistercian monastery, the hotel is currently home to a restaurant, tavern, wine bar and museum café. There’s plenty to explore!

Getting there

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Flying in

Fly in airport options: Zurich.

When best to arrive: in the morning the day the tour starts.

Where the tour starts: Überlingen

Transfers: are not included. If you require assistance, please contact us for more information.

Flying out

Fly out airport options: Zurich.

When best to depart: the day after the tour ends.

Where the tour ends: Überlingen.

Transfers: are not included. If you require assistance, please contact us for more information.

Tour essentials

What’s included in your cycling trip.

  • Hotel room key
    5 Nights Accommodation

    5 nights in 3-4* hotels. You will have a double room with en-suite facilities. A single room is available as an optional extra.

  • Breakfasts

    A buffet breakfast will be served every morning of the tour in the hotel restaurants. All other meals and drinks are not included.

  • Luggage Transfers

    Everyday your luggage will be transferred to the next hotel, so you only have to think about the cycling. 20 kg limit.

  • Full Routes

    Detailed maps, GPX routes and route material will be provided with a 7-day-service-hotline for additional support.

Cycling bottle

What’s not included in your cycling trip.

  • Flights

    Flights are not included in the tour package. Please follow our advice about which flights will be best suited for this tour. Reach out to us if you have any questions about flights.

  • Insurance

    We strongly recommend that you obtain dedicated health insurance that covers your sports activities. Reach out to us if you have questions about the insurance.

Bike rental
Only €75 for the entire trip

It’s not always easy travelling with a bike but fear not, high quality touring bikes are available for rental for the duration of the tour. 

The rental bikes are comfortable 28” touring bike, equipped with Shimano eight-speed gearbox or a new 24-speed chain/gear hub with freewheel. All bikes are equipped with a rack (rear wheel) and ideal for multi-day trips with bike panniers.

You can also rent one of our ebikes to make your tour even more enjoyable and leisurely.

With a variety of sizes available, we can ensure your bike fits you perfectly.  All rental bikes are mechanically checked and adjusted before each and every hire so you can have peace of mind that your bike will be running smoothly from start to finish!

You can select this option when you proceed to checkout. 


Fitted to you and ready to ride!

More things to maximise your cycling trip

    Single accommodation
    €130 per person for entire trip

    If you’d like a whole room to yourself, that’s no problem. For an extra €130 for the trip duration, you can enjoy the comfort of your own room. Just select this option when you proceed to book your tour.

    Additional night
    €145 per person

    Need an extra night after the tour? No problem, you can extend your stay at Parkhotel St. Leonhard in Überlingen for an extra €145 per person, per night. Just select this option when you proceed to book your tour.

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