Mountain of Montserrat, Catalonia Spain.


Magnificent Montserrat: A Tour Of Central Catalonia

Guided 5 days

This tour along the quiet rural roads that snake through the heart of Catalonia is an essential trip to add to your list if you’re at all curious about cycling in this area of Northern Spain. You’ll discover local gems such as the Rasos de Peguera, Coll d’Estenalles, Capolat and the ascent to Montserrat, the true Mecca of Catalan cycling.

Road cycling
6,875 m
333 km

Tour overview


This tour explores the asphalted country roads that snake through central Catalonia and high up into its magnificent mountains. This area is a Mecca for cyclists from all over the world and offers an endless list of legendary climbs such as Rasos de Peguera, Coll d’Estenalles, Capolat and of course, Montserrat.

There are many mysteries and legends associated with Montserrat, the sacred mountain. It is a pilgrimage site and a must-see destination for any cyclist visiting Catalonia. The “Moreneta”, the “Timbaler del Bruc”, UFO sightings, long and beautiful climbs… there is so much to discover about this unique natural wonder. The mountain has an imposing presence over the surrounding landscape and is visible for miles around. It will come as no surprise that the ascent is a frequent feature in La Vuelta a España and the Volta a Catalunya.

This group adventure features the most popular climbs in the area, including Rasos de Peguera (1,894 m.), a ski-resort in winter and quite the challenge. But never fear. A support vehicle will accompany you at all times and you can even take a Speaktracks Virtual Guide with you that will help you spot the most interesting sights along the way.

Start point
El Moianès
End point
El Moianès
See program for full itinerary
Flying in
Barcelona Airport
Flying out
Barcelona Airport

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Highlights of your cycling trip

Mountain of Montserrat, Catalonia Spain.

Montserrat Mountain

Montserrat is a beautiful Benedictine monk monastery nestled among the exquisite and unusual rock formations that make up the mountain. It is located about one hour North West from Barcelona by train. Montserrat Monastery holds great religious significance, but the natural beauty surrounding the monastery is also utterly breathtaking. Whether viewing this natural wonder from the surrounding roads, or admiring the landscape from atop the mountain itself, Montserrat does not fail to impress.

Catalan Cuisine

Discover the delicious and hearty Catalan cuisine and taste fresh, local ingredients at breakfast, picnic lunches on the road and generous dinners to refuel at the end of each day. Catalan food includes the famous botiffara sausages, sure to give you the energy you need to reach the top of your climbs, canelons (the Catalan version of ravioli) and the popular appetiser, pa amb tomàquet, light, thin and crispy bread laced with mouth-watering olive oil and grated tomato.

Support vehicle

Daily Luggage Transfers

Each day, the team will transfer your luggage from hotel to hotel, meaning all you have to do is focus on cycling. We encourage you to bring your own personal essentials and favourites along with you on the bike, such as energy gels and bars, but the rest of your belongings will be in safe hands.

Tour destination


Catalonia is where the love of biking knows no bounds. Explore the Terra Alta or Girona's greenways, or hit the magnificent mountain passes for a spot of MTB. Catalonia is the land of great cyclists. It gives you roads, paths and greenways for a bicycle excursion perfect for all levels. For decades, the hundreds of cycle touring associations in the country have been creating space in the Catalan local road network. On weekends, the curvy roads and steep hills are the perfect places for bike-lovers to cruise around with friends for the sheer pleasure of the sport.

  • Weather

    The weather in Catalonia does not disappoint. Whilst the region does get cold in winter (especially in the north), and can experience some rainy days in Spring and Autumn, the majority of the year is hot, dry and sunny. Make sure you pack your sun cream and a waterproof gilet just in case you get caught out in a shower!

  • Terrain

    Catalonia is a beautifully varied region in terms of terrain. Whilst it is predominantly covered in hills and mountains, there are some wonderfully flat areas covered in vineyards or that run parallel to the coast. It is home to some magnificent geographical wonders, such as Montserrat Mountain, the Montseny mountain range and the Pre-Pyrenees region, all well-trodden routes among cyclists from far and wide.

  • Culture

    Catalan culture is a melting pot of history and tradition. Most people born in the region are raised bilingual, speaking both Castilian Spanish and Catalan. The traditions unique to this area are as surprising as they are unmissable, featuring human towers (known as a castell in Catalan), ‘fire-runs’ (or correfocs) and spring onion barbeques (called calçotades). We promise they’re all worth experiencing if you are lucky enough to witness them!

Accommodation during your tour

Comfortable Accommodation

You will sleep in a range of charming 3 & 4* hotels along our route, all of which offer a very pleasant stay after a full day of riding. We chose the accommodation based on its location and proximity to the routes we have chosen to ride. Each location includes secure bike storage facilities and other amenities aimed at cyclists so you can focus on some well-deserved R&R.

Tour itinerary

Your guide to a perfect cycling tour

Hotel Mas de la Sala - Montserrat Monastery
  • Distance
    91 km
  • Elevation
    2,275 m

Our first route of the tour will leave from Hotel Mas de la Sala and enter the Moianès region. We will then ride through the Coll d’Estenalles, a typical pass that connects central and pre-coastal Catalonia. Then, we will pass through Rellinars on our way to the start of the Montserrat climb, one that often features in La Vuelta a España and the Volta a Catalunya that no cyclist visiting Catalonia should miss. We will spend the night in a hotel next to the Monastery.

Getting there

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Flying in

Fly in airport options: Barcelona El Prat Airport

When best to arrive: Day 1 of the tour

Where the tour starts: El Moianès

Transfers: Not included in the trip but we can arrange transfers for you if needed at an extra cost. Please contact our support team to arrange this.

Flying out

Fly out airport options: Barcelona El Prat Airport

When best to depart: In the evening of Day 5 or following day 

Where the tour ends: Sallent

Transfers: Not included in the trip but we can arrange transfers for you if needed at an extra cost. Please contact our support team to arrange this.

Tour essentials

What’s included in your cycling trip.

  • Comfortable Accommodation

    4 nights in 3 & 4* hotels in a shared room with en-suite facilities. Single rooms are available as an additional extra.

  • Meals

    Breakfasts, dinners and mid-ride refreshments are included on this tour so you can be assured that you will be adequately fuelled for every day of riding.

  • Luggage Transfers

    Your luggage will be transferred from hotel to hotel throughout the trip so you only need to pack a day bag for your essentials.

  • NH_malaga - Hotel food buffet
    Nutrition During The Rides

    You'll be fuelled from start to finish with the on ride nutrition and snacks provided during the day.

  • Ride Support

    A guide will not be riding with you on the tour. Instead you will be travelling with our Speaktracks virtual guide service as well as a support vehicle, who you can count on should any unforeseen issues arise.

Cycling bottle

What’s not included in your cycling trip.

  • Flights

    Flights are not included in the tour package. We have suggested which flights and airports are best suited for this tour but should you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Health & Travel Insurance

    We strongly recommend that you obtain a dedicated health insurance that covers your sports activities. Reach out to us if you have questions about the insurance.

Bike Rental
There's no need to travel with your bike when you can rent one perfectly suited for your trip!

It’s not always easy travelling with a bike but fear not, road bikes are available for rental for the duration of the tour. To make sure you get the maximum from your bike for your trip, we’ve partnered with some of the best brands in cycling to give you the latest choice of equipment.

With a variety of sizes available, we can ensure your bike fits you perfectly.  All rental bikes are mechanically checked and adjusted before each and every hire so you can have peace of mind that your bike will be running smoothly from start to finish!

Please select the bike rental option you would like during the booking process. You will not be charged for the bike rental at this point but once we receive your booking confirmation, we will send you the link to the bike rental options where you will then be able to complete the bike rental process.

Brands and models may vary.

Fitted to you and ready to ride!

More things to maximise your cycling trip

  • Additional Nights

    The tour starts in the morning of Day 2 and ends in the evening of Day 6. We recommend that you fly in on Day 1 and fly out the day after the tour ends to maximise your trip and avoid any unnecessary rushes. You can book this additional night (on Day 6 of the tour) for €76 if you want a shared room, or €100 if you want a single room, when you proceed to checkout.

  • Single Room in Hotel

    If you’d like a whole room to yourself, that’s no problem. For an extra €123 for the trip duration, you can enjoy the comfort of your own room. You can select this option when you proceed to book your tour.

  • Shower Service on the Last Day

    When the tour ends on Day 5, you will however have access to a shower in nearby facilities to freshen up before setting off for your onward journey (unless you have booked an additional night in the area, we do not provide accommodation on the last night).

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