How epico works?

Epico is a platform that unites cyclists with some of the greatest and most spectacular cycling tours. We work with hand picked local cycling tour operators to offer our clients the best adventures at a fair price.

We do not organise the tours that we offer. However, we ensure that the experience which we are presenting to you will be amazing and exactly as described. We have ridden those roads and know our partners well, so you can be sure that your adventure will be epic!

We do not mark up the price of the tours provided by the operators. You can be sure that the price you are paying, by booking through epico, will be no more than booking the tour directly through an operator.

Not only do we provide you with the information you need to take an informed decision and to book your tour, we will be beside you before, during and even after tour to ensure your experience is exactly what you expect it to be.

Our customer service team is always a message, email or a phone call away. If you have any issues with a booking or any questions while you are on your tour, you can always count on us!