Coll de Beixalís (from Encamp)

6.5 km
555 m
~40 mins

Climb overview

The Coll de Beixalis has two Impressive approaches. In the west from Anyos and from Encamp to the east. Climbing from Anyos you cover 8.7km and gain 618m making for a tough but consistent climb. Carrying an average gradient of 7% and peaking at 11% at 5km in its a great test. From Encamp it’s a bit less forgiving, It’s shorter at 6.5km and gains nearly the same elevation at 555m. The approach bears its teeth with an average gradient of 8.4% and a high of 15.8%. The toughest part kicks in early at about 1.5km and doesn’t relent for 5km, running at around 12% average, it then drops to between 5 and 8%. Bring your A game, your legs and lungs will be tested!