Girona’s Best of Everything

An insider's scoop to the best of the best of everything in Girona. From restaurants to hotels, coffee shops and bars.

Insider's super quick guide to Girona's everything off the bike: food, entertainment, coffee, walks and more.

Visiting Girona? The small city has so much to offer it can be overwhelming to decide where to go and what to see. 

Hit up our incredible top routes to get your cycling fix — you have to take on the Sant Hilari ride if you like climbing! Cycling Girona is truly a blessing every enthusiast needs to experience.

But what about the rest of your stay? You definitely don’t want to waste your time on mediocre ice cream and blow those calories on anything sub-par. 

The Ultimate Guide to Everything Girona

Check out our insider scoop for the best of the best in Girona. From wine to cheese, city walking to live music, restaurants and top cafes in Girona — we’ve got you covered.

Epico has sourced all information from locals and expats who live in Girona.

Best wine in Girona

Plaça del Vi, 7 is a unique restaurant in the heart of Girona. Owned by one of the world’s best sommeliers, it’s no wonder why the incredible cooking is complemented with an equally superb wine list.

Outdoor seating, friendly staff, and the best wine in Girona make this a must-try for any visitor.

Best cheese in Girona

La Simfonia is a restaurant run by a local couple who know their cheese. In fact, their cheese board of 10 cheese varieties is a meal in itself and perfect for any cheese lovers.

Check out their bodega as well for takeaway picnic specials, perfect for a peaceful afternoon bike ride.

Best bravas in Girona

La Taverna offers outdoor seating in the glorious Mediterranean sun year-round. Known for their tapas, be sure to try their patatas bravas and croquettes.

We are sure you’ll be coming back for more before the end of your trip.

Best gelato in Girona 

La Bombonera makes fresh ice cream in-house every day. Either try their delicious gelato in a cone or on delicious waffles or pancakes. 

Located in the heart of Girona, so you can watch the world go by at the same time.

Best tacos in Girona

Andale Wey is a loved Mexican cantina and considered a secret gem of Girona. You must try their homemade tortillas and tacos while you’re here.

We love this spot, off the beaten track and perfect for a post-ride hangout.

Best pinchos and tapas in Girona

Artusi is a longstanding treasure of the old town. Locals love this spot for long meals and tapas with friends. Just be warned, time will run away with you while you sit and enjoy the menu here.

Be sure to try the pinchos!

Best quick takeaway in Girona 

Volver is the place for those running short on time and needing a quick bite to eat. Grab an empanadas, a snack loved by every cyclist.

This pocket of dough can be filled with chicken, beef, pork, or non-meat options.

Best steak in Girona 

El Carrito Barri Vell allows you to get up close and personal with the chef while he cooks up the best steak in town. This grill house certainly won’t disappoint after a long day in the saddle.

Remember the Spanish cook their steaks to perfection, we recommend asking for medium-rare.

Best hot chocolate in Girona 

Casa Cacao is a cyclist haven after long days climbing and pedalling. A chocolate shop and hotel owned by the Roca brothers, you can only imagine why they are loved for their hot chocolates.

While you are here, grab a box of chocolates to take home and savour the memories.

Best walk in Girona

Girona City Wall. Built-in medieval times, you will get a real sense of history in the town and feel the culture course through the streets.

Best cocktail in Girona

Nykteri’s Cocktail Bar is tucked away in the old town and is a long-standing haunt for locals and expats alike. It has an extensive list of international tipples for you to give a try, ideal to celebrate a successful trip to Girona.

Best live music in Girona

Sunset Jazz Club is an old school venue with a fantastic vibe. Here, you will get to experience great live music in the heart of Girona.

Best late-night dancing in Girona

Lola cafe packs in the live music, full of traditional Spanish and Catalan style. Be prepared for a late-night though, it all kicks off around midnight!


We think this should keep you occupied for a good few days in Girona

Of course, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need some more tips or a personal guide around town. 

We’ve got you covered whatever you need.

That’s Epico.

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