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noSiesta is an established cycling tours business operated from Barcelona and offer tours across the entire Catalonia region.

Setup by a fanatic group of cyclists, it’s still owned and operated by their founders who you will find leading their rides. Mikhail Borisovich is one of the founders who won gold in the Athens 2004 Olympics and had a successful career in multiple Grand Tours, Road and Track World Championships.

noSiesta, by it’s very name, promises those who go on a cycling tour an experience that runs throughout the day and night. You won’t be let down by their experienced team of professional cyclists who ensure the ratio of riders-to-instructors is kept low. Equally, noSiesta value your time off the bike, and you’ll find they go to great lengths making you feel welcomed, getting to know local culture and cuisine.

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Spanish charm, sunshine and a cyclists to-do list as long as a tapas menu.

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The Windy Mountain

Mont Ventoux


Sa Costa Brava: Gravel Ride

Spain and Gravel is the best match

Our own Xavi and Andro took part in a gravel race that happened in Costa Brava, the Girona region in Catalonia, Spain.




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