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The essence and passion of Spain

Sun-drenched hills, olive oils, picturesque white villages and lots of good roads

Cycling Andalusia – In-Depth Guide

Rugged coastlines, mountain roads, expansive deserts, and wonderful weather – Andalusia really does deliver the goods. With a vast terrain to explore and that all-important Meditteranean climate on your back, this Spanish southern region is the perfect location for anyone looking for a cycling escape. There is more to Andalusia than just Granada, Seville, and the Sierra Nevada.

The land is filled with history, the air beaming with culture. Breathe in the rich orange blossom scents. Catch a flash of passion in a flamenco dress swishing the night away. Here, you will experience the raw essence of Spain course through your body. Fuel your pedalling on this pure energy and dive right into the beauty and nature of Andalusia.

Why choose Andalusia for a cycling trip? From gentle country lanes to remote mountain tracks, there is a perfect option to suit everyone. Enjoy a family recreational biking holiday, tackle the adrenaline on a downhill trails, or hit the smooth roads for some training routes. Andalusia’s diverse terrain promises fun, adventures, and epic riding.


Most people think Andalusia only has beaches to offer. But trust us, there is a lot more waiting to be discovered. Leave the beaches and pedal the countryside, mountains and deserts, all accessible in one day of riding. The Andalusian region is home to some of the most diverse terrains in Spain. Riders have the freedom to explore the landscapes, sightseeing along the way, soaking up the natural beauty.

The ride can be as difficult or as easy as you want to make it. Embark on an adventure to Ronda, the cyclist’s mecca for the region. Hit the MTB centres of Alcornocales (Cadiz) and Nevada (Granada) and follow route markers for each experience level. Embark on endurance adventures with hundreds of miles to choose from along the Transandalus Route. Or take the family to the highly accessible Green Ways of Andalusia for a spin of fun for everyone. The choice is yours.


Andalusia is famously known for its hospitable and cheerful people, ready with friendly and warm smiles. The secret to their happiness? Of course, it’s down to the Meditteranean climate and endlessly sunny days.

With mild winters and dry, sun-soaked summers, this southern region of Spain provides the perfect climate for cycling your days away. Escape the high season heat in the shaded canopies and forests on the Sierra Nevada peninsula. Rack up the training miles on the uncrowded tarmac in the winter months. March to May are perfect for cycling trips in the beautiful Spring season.


The landscapes and nature found in Andalusia are breathtaking. But that’s not all this region has to offer. The rich history and culture are second to none, holding the heart and essence of Spain.

If cycling isn’t enough for you, why not check out some of the other amazing things to do, from architecture to festivals and a lot more in these thriving cities:

  • Granada’s Alhambra
  • Seville’s Gothic Cathedral
  • Córdoba’s magnificent mosque
  • Live flamenco dances
  • Costa de la Luz beaches
  • Tapas cuisine down city side streets


Andalusia is the perfect location for everyone. Beginners can try out a trail, or the more experienced rider can rack up their miles. Be sure to check out these epic places to make your trip that extra bit special.



Miles upon miles of perfectly smooth roads and fantastic downhill trails, this is Serrania de Ronda. The Ronda really is the cycling mecca of Andalusia and well known for its epic rides. Just outside of Malaga, this is well worth the visit and should be on your bucket list. Cycle the famous ‘El Tajo’ gorge, see the historic bullring and get caught up in the cycling-club-fever on the asphalt. Here you will feel the beating heart of Spain in every mile you pedal.



If you are looking for a challenging climb, then this is the place for you. The Sierra Nevada mountain roads are undoubtedly amazing and surprisingly quiet. Choose one of many routes that carve hundreds of kilometres, reaching up to 3,000 metres high. Unlike other European mountain climbs, these routes are accessible year-round thanks to the southern region and mild climates.



Want to clock up the miles? The TransAndalus Route is perfect for endurance training, connecting all the major cities in a complete loop of Andalusia. Join the route from Malaga, Grenada, Cadiz, or Seville - the options are endless. With over 2,000 km of roads and trails, you will see a mix of terrain along the way, a perfect challenge to push your long riding to the next level.

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