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It’s like pedalling through a fairytale

Cobbled roads carving through rolling farmland and golden fields

Belgium cycling is relaxing, it’s refreshing. The open rural farmland and peacefully sweeping canals will transport you into a fairytale realm. Other European countries may be better recognised and more popular tourist destinations, however, cycling beats through the heart of Belgium. Passion pulses in the locals and the land.

Some of the world’s greatest professional riders come from Belgium. They produce grit, determination, and durability.

It’s no wonder why Belgium is included in the UCI World Tour route. After you’ve explored this mystical world, you too will know what all the fuss is about. So what are you waiting for? Come cycle Belgium and see this beautiful realm for yourself.

Tackle the cobbled terrain

Whether you are looking for an easy ride or something gruelingly hard, Belgium has something to offer for every rider. Explore cobbled streets of historical towns like Bruges or Antwerp. Take these cobbles up the burgs and climbs of Kopperberg.

Trust us when we say you won’t get bored riding in Belgium. Be sure to check out the incredible routes around Flanders for a truly special cycling experience.

Sample the flavour

Belgium’s cuisine reflects its neighbouring countries. It is often considered Belgium food is served in the German quantity but with the French quality. We promise that you won’t go hungry when visiting this region.

And what more? The beer. You can’t go wrong with a post-ride belly full of food and an epic beer to round up an awesome day of riding.

What about the weather?

It may not be the warmest place to have a cycling holiday. However, it is still a great escape from colder countries! Belgium’s climate is fairly level and reliable in summer months with average temperatures of 23°C.

Winter months can get cold, windy, and wet. So make sure you are prepared with appropriate gear and protection if you want to brave the elements.

Belgium Destinations

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Flanders is the birth-place of modern road cycling, with a breathtaking rolling landscape where you can test your skills on some serious routes used by professionals.

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