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From blue seas of the Mediterranean to the high peaks of the Pyrenees it’s all cycling bliss


Perfect roads without end

You can go out with your family to ride the network of bike paths and greenways that link many Catalan municipalities. They travel through extraordinary natural surroundings. You can ride around peacefully and without rushing in the Delta de l’Ebre, the Vall Fosca, Collserola or among the volcanoes of La Garrotxa.

Cycling for everyone
The love of biking knows no bounds. On a hand bike, for example, you can explore the Terra Alta or Girona greenways. Catalonia, the land of great cyclists and magnificent mountain passes, gives you roads, paths and greenways for a bicycle excursion for all levels.

Catalonia, a tradition of cycling
For decades, the hundreds of cycle touring associations in the country have been creating space in the Catalan local road network. On weekends, the curviest roads and those with steep hills are the perfect place for bike-lovers to cruise around with friends for the sheer pleasure of the sport. The most famous peaks, such as Turó de l’Home, Coll del Pradell and Coll de Collfred, are some of the goals for the mountaineering cyclists. On the Costa Brava, the Costa Daurada or Costa Barcelona there are equally beautiful routes for groups looking for a flatter ride. There is a reward halfway through: a good pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato) with sausage in some of the traditional roadside restaurants.



Catalonia generally boasts – take my word – best road network for cycling in the world. Countless single line secondary roads with next to non-existing road traffic and maintained in excellent condition. Costa Daurada is no exception, and you can spend weeks riding different routes being based out of single point.


Well yes Catalonia is best known for the Pyrenees and their outskirts that’s up North. But that in no way means that South is flat! In fact, Catalonia is generally massively mountainous land with barely and flat stretch except for some riverbeds. Southern Catalonia and Costa Daurada region is how to many many superb hills and passes. First there is coastal ridge that’s basically goes along entire peninsula and mountains rise everywhere as you direct yourself from the coast to the inlands. Then there are couple of real gems. The Prades mountains is beautiful rocky range that boasts some nice climbs and lots of roads and endless climbing, where La Mussara climb stays apart as the iconic one for the locals. Then there are Sierra de Llaberia. And of course El Priorat – famous wine destination with some short but gruelling climbs.


Catalan culture boasts a huge history as well as it’s own unique traditions and cuisine. Taking the time to discover some authentic Catalan traditions as well as those well known Spanish ones will only make your trip to Barcelona an even better one.

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Montserrat: climb to the Monastery from Monistrol

8.5 km

588 m


40 min

There is nothing more iconic for the Catalans than the Montserrat mountain, which is considered sacred. The monastery here attracts pilgrims by the hundreds of thousands. Same time the sheer beauty of nature here makes it a Mecca for hikers and cyclists alike. So we won't exaggerate to say that climbing this mountain is a must if you want some truly unforgettable and very local experience. The views are surrealist.

La Mussara

10.5 km

636 m


45 mins

Alt de la Musara is a picturesque cycling climb situated in the Tarragona province of Catalonia. It has been used in the Volta a Catalunya professional race, most recently in 2017 when the riders descended this side.

The climb on the Vilaplana side is characterized by a high number of hairpin bends, as it winds its way through forest towards the Prades Mountains. Very ocasionally the trees open out to offer some nice views looking back down the climb.

Alt de la Musara is nominally open year round, with only very rare closures due to snow in winter.


10.7 km

742 m

Rocacorba has a history every cyclist should become a part of. Used for over a decade by many local pros as a testing climb, the famous mountain is a challenge to anyone and everyone. The 10.7 kilometre climb has a deceptive overall gradient of 7%. Starting teasingly gentle before levelling off and demanding your easiest gear on sections up to 11%, disciplined pacing will pay off for the last half of the climb that averages 9%. However, the quiet tree-lined road offers just enough respite to remain achievable for the determined weekend warrior. Keep your eyes peeled toward the top for the faded “Look Right” painted on the road to see spanning Pyrenean peaks through an opening in the trees.

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