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The birth-place of modern road cycling, with a breathtaking rolling landscape

Cobbles, climbs, and more cobbles. It's the Flemish way.

For many riders, a cobbled terrain is avoided. However, it comes with the territory when cycling in Flanders and what fantastic routes they are. After pedalling these world-class rides you will soon appreciate and look at the cobbles in a new way.

Add the four K’s of Flandrien heritage to your cycling bucket list: the fabled Koppenberg, the everlasting Kwaremont, mythical Kapelmuur, and the wild Kemmelberg. These mythical climbs are challenging, yet rewarding each in their own right, and will leave you feeling saddle sore in the best kind of way.

Discover the cobbled roads and climbs of the Ronde, firm favourites for cycling enthusiasts. And don’t worry, there are non-cobbled routes in the area, but this doesn’t mean they are any less challenging. This Belgium beauty is iconic in every possible way.

Cycling's Heartland

Pure cyclist enthusiasts know that the true heart of the sport can be found in Flanders. The roads are tough and challenging. The climbs are brutal. All paired with that iconic cobbled stone terrain carving a path through rural fields and traditional villages.

Cycling culture runs deep. A Flanders two-wheel pilgrimage will test your strength, challenge your skills, and leave you hopefully feeling accomplished at the end of your tour.

A river runs between 2 towpaths through the Flemish countryside in the autumn

De Ronde - Race Heritage

The Tour of Flanders – de Ronde – is an important road race on the UCI World Tour series. The modern route challenges our top Lycra warriors over a gruelling 265km circuit, over the famous cobbled climbs, burgs and flat sections.

The steep nature of the route make this an aggressive race where riders need to think, and ride, strategically throughout the whole route. It takes a certain kind of spark and durabilty for all those who compete. Luckily, cycling enthuastiasts can cheer from the sidelines and take in all the excitement.

Local Refreshments

With all the hard work of powering over the terrain, a refreshing beverage at the end of the day is essentially. Lucky for those touring Flanders, the local brewery scene is incredible.

Think sunshine on the terrace and a few cold ones with friends… We can’t think of a better way to wrap up a day in the saddle.