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Experience a cycling tour on the same roads many of the pro peloton choose to train on all year round

With its endless roads, great weather and stunning scenery, Girona is everything you could ask for cycling

Girona is the largest city in northern Catalunya and is rich in historical and cultural significance. Its heart is the old town where you will find pro cyclists rolling into town after a long day training. The town is built on the slopes of a hill above the river Onyar and is bounded on one side by the ancient city wall and on the other by the river. The city was founded as a Roman fortress on the strategic Via Augusta and was fought over numerous times until the nineteenth century.

It was an Arab town for 200 years after the Moorish conquest, and there was a continuous Jewish presence for 600 years. It’s no surprise that all of these dramas have left behind an amazing mix of architectural styles, ranging from classic Roman to Moorish and mediaeval to modernism (or art nouveau).

The historic old town has been beautifully restored, and it is connected to the new town by several roads and bridges. The Cathedral, the Arab Baths, the Monestir de St. Pere de Galligants, and the Museu d’Art are just a few of the fascinating attractions within easy walking distance. Overall, it’s worth spending some time exploring its steep streets and sampling some of its many bars, cafés, and tempting boutiques after the days riding.


The Pyrenees set the tone in the north, where you can find almost any type of climb without having to travel long distances. Alternatively, head east to discover the well-known Mediterranean gem, Costa Brava. The coast is carved with small bays and rocks that jut out into the deep blue sea. With almost no traffic, this is possibly the best coastal stretch of road there is to cycle on.

What else is there to Girona? Rolling hills, lakes, and towns can be found in every other direction. An endless network of empty roads linked together and meticulously maintained.

Girona has a vast amount of good vibes. It has received widespread international acclaim in recent decades as some of the best riding in the world and has become home to a large number of professional cyclists. 

If you visit Girona, chances are you’ll eat in a restaurant owned by a pro rider, or at very least sit down at a cafe to have a coffee and the guy sitting beside you has won a stage or two somewhere along the way. Out on the roads, you’re bound to see riders you follow on social media putting in the hard work to make their racing season a success.

Girona is a cycling destination with a host of other attractions. We’ve never heard of someone who doesn’t enjoy visiting or riding here.

Cyclists in Girona, Spain

Road. Gravel. Mountain bike. You name it, Girona has it all!

Life appears different from a bicycle. Everything adopts a suitable rhythm in order to become a moving landscape. On the Costa Brava and in the Girona-Pyrenees, there are many kilometres of safe cycling routes and roads that allow cyclists to taste each stretch of territory as if it were being created anew with each pedal stroke, whether on a road bike, a mountain bike, or a gravel bike.

The diverse network of secondary roads, tracks, and paths takes riders through a variety of landscapes. So much so that you can combine Mediterranean coves, mediaeval villages and high mountain passes in the Spanish Pyrenees in a single trip.

Its year-round pleasant temperatures, the variety and beauty of its landscapes, and the presence of peaks and classic routes make it a destination that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. From the famous Hincapie Loop in the Gavarres to Vallter 2,000, the 2,150-metre high Catalan cycle route, Rocaborba and Banyoles, or the coastal road from Lloret-Tossa de Mar to Sant Feliu de Guixols, the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees are a cycling destination not to be missed.


Epico has strong ties to Girona. A number of our staff live here and this is one of their must-do rides for more experienced cyclists visiting Girona. It is named after George Hincapie and 9/10 when Julian asks Matt where he rode today, his answer will be Hincapie. Fun fact, George Hincapie is one of the first professional cyclists to discover Girona as an ideal location for cycling, training, and living..

The route begins on Pont de Pedra in Girona’s historic centre. Many cyclists (including the pros) begin their ride here. There are two climbs on the route. Els Angles, Girona’s most famous climb, is the first. It’s not too long or too steep, and it’s an excellent place to begin. Then you descend into Madremanya and ride through lovely mediaeval villages like Monells on your way to the next climb, Santa Pellaia.

It’s a little longer than Els Angles, but not too difficult and the descent to Cassa de la Selva is well worth the climb. From there, its back to Girona for your post ride coffee via the quiet country roads.

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