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The one and only

Outstand terrain and diverse scenery are what make Girona stand out.

The Pyrenees set the scene in the north — find just about any type of climb without needing to travel miles for the fun. Or go east and stumble upon the famous Mediterranian gem, Costa Brava. The coast is ripped with small bays and rocks hanging over the rich blue sea. Possibly the best coastal stretch of cyclable road there is, with almost no traffic.

And what’s more to Girona? In every other direction, you will find rolling hills, lakes, and towns. An endless network of empty roads tied together, a network that is maintained to perfection.


Over the last couple of decades, Girona has gained massive international recognition. In the early 2000s, the US Postal Pro Cycling Team moved to Girona. Armstrong, Hincapie, Hamilton, and the others were drawn to the perfect training conditions and easy way of life. Now, about 100 elite cyclists call Girona home.

Visit Girona and there is a good chance you’ll eat in a restaurant owned by a pro peloton rider, or the guy making your coffee has won a stage or two somewhere down the track. On your bike, you are guaranteed to pass riders you follow on Instagram — that guy flying up on a climb is a pro getting prepped for a classic.

Girona is a cyclist’s place. It’s humble, discreet, and doesn’t boast. Loved by serious riders, you will want to come back over and over again.


It’s no secret why Girona is so popular with the pros.

Nestled in the north of Catalonia and marked by the Pyrenees —the upper parts of the country are the mountainous foothills that are high and steep. Сombined with perfect road networks, this makes a real cycling paradise, especially for climbing.

But the key is the terrain diversity. From Girona, you have access to world-class loops with decent climbing, but you can also manage to get a fairly flattish ride if that’s what you are looking for.


Girona’s climate is mostly Mediterranean, but the proximity of the Pyrenees gives it a somewhat whimsical and unpredictable character. The weather can change faster than a peloton going downhill.

The best months are Spring, March to June, and Autumn, September to December. Girona’s Summer is a touch cooler than in other areas of Catalonia, so can be quite pleasant for riders who like to sweat. If you are up to serious Pyrenean riding, then you want to hit the warmer months as it gets cold up there. Winter is still cyclable, but make sure you bring full cover gear with you and be prepared for occasional rains.

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