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Girona has long became one of the world’s leading cycling destinations for professional riders and for amateur alike. Thanks for a combination of excellent riding conditions, gorgeous scenery and rich cultural heritage.

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What makes Girona area outstanding first of all is it’s variety of terrain and incredibly diverse scenery. To the North Pyrenees set the scene – by allowing you to find just any type of climb you are looking for without needing to go many miles of just approaching the climb. Same time, you can still reach out to the East and find yourself on famous Mediterranian gem which is Costa Brava – stretch of coast ripped with calas or small bays and rocks hanging above the blue sea. It boasts maybe the best coastal stretch of cyclable road there is, with almost no traffic. Besides that, just in every other direction you will find some rolling hills, lakes and towns all ties together in endless network of empty secondary roads network that is maintained in excellent condition.


Girona gained massive international recognition during the last two decades. In early 2000s nearly all US postal team moved to Girona – Armstrong, Hincapie, Hamilton and the rest drawn by perfect training conditions, easy way of life and then lax doping laws. One of the most popular routes here is called the Hincapie Loop. Those time passed by now about 100 top class elite cyclists live in the city and more come to visit. If you are hanging around in Girona there is a good chance that a restaurant you eat in is run by a pro peloton rider or the guy making you a coffee has won a stage or two in his best times. If you are on your bike then you are very likely to meet someone you normally see only on Instagram and the guy flying up on a climb is a pro getting prepped for a classic. Everything here tell you in a cyclists place, yet more humble and discreet that in some French places that boast off their Tour legacy on every corner. Girona is to be loved by a serious rider and undoubtedly you will want to come back over again.



Girona’s area climate is Mediteranian one where the proximity of the Pyrenees give it somewhat whimsical character and weather can change quickly. Best months are spring (March to June) and autumn (September to December), though summer is a bit cooler here than in other areas in Catalonia and also is quite pleasant. If you are up to serious Pyrenean riding then you shall be looking for warmer months as it get cold up there. Winter is still cycable but make sure you bring full cover gear with you and will not be upset with occasional rains.

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10.7 km

742 m

Rocacorba has a history every cyclist should become a part of. Used for over a decade by many local pros as a testing climb, the famous mountain is a challenge to anyone and everyone. The 10.7 kilometre climb has a deceptive overall gradient of 7%. Starting teasingly gentle before levelling off and demanding your easiest gear on sections up to 11%, disciplined pacing will pay off for the last half of the climb that averages 9%. However, the quiet tree-lined road offers just enough respite to remain achievable for the determined weekend warrior. Keep your eyes peeled toward the top for the faded “Look Right” painted on the road to see spanning Pyrenean peaks through an opening in the trees.

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