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Coastal cycling tours in Spain's hidden gem

If you're looking for epic rides a lesser visited area, this is your place to go!

Murcia is flanked by the warm Balearic and Alboran Seas and enjoys over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, so you can guarantee cycling is not a problem all year round. In fact, its coast is known as the Costa Cálida (the balmy coast), and it is home to endless beaches and small coves that offer a variety of leisure, sports, and well-being opportunities.

La Manga del Mar Menor, is an ideal destination for relaxing and enjoying the sea and the activities in its marine resort, is one of the most appealing areas for visitors. There are also long white sandy beaches like San Pedro del Pinatar, unspoiled coves like Cartagena, strange landscapes like Mazarrón’s rock erosions, and fishing towns like Guilas just waiting to be explored.

Sun, sea, beaches and spectacular terrain for cycling. What more could you want?

Choose between difficult mountain climbs in the Sierra Espuna Natural Park and flat countryside tracks which are ideal for recovery rides. The variety of terrain is ideal for any rider looking for top quality routes away from the crowds.

Whatever path you choose, you’ll be pedalling through centuries of culture. For even more historical sights, visit the nearby Roman town of Cartagena.

The deep blues of the sea are beautiful, breathtaking, and captivating. Murcia’s region has a strong connection to the Mediterranean Sea via historic fishing ports and coastal routes. And, who doesn’t appreciate a deep azure sea framing the horizon?

If you plan your trip during the warmer months, be sure to take a dip in the inviting waters and experience the other side of this lovely destination.

In our opinion, the impressive coastal views and an average of 300 days of sunshine make for some pretty awesome cycling conditions.

Murcia coastal road - Spain

Untouched roads that just beg to be explored

Why should I go cycling in Murcia you ask? Well, Murcia has a vast variation of terrain that allows for any type of ride you wish for and its fantastic cycling routes are still completely undiscovered, providing you with empty roads and unobstructed views. What else could you want?

Enjoy the mountain bike trails,  flat countryside, challenging hill climbs, and all the culture in between without the crowds of the busier destinations. This remote and rural region of Spain’s south-east has over 70 kilometres of breathtaking beaches and the glistening crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea will undoubtedly provide the dreamy backdrop for mid-ride photos you’ve always desired.

Rider on beautiful road in Murcia, Spain

The epico La Manga / Cabezo loop

On this route there is a spectacular descent to sea level on a stretch of road known locally as the Green Mile (named after the mile-long strip of green asphalt that serves as a cycle lane). This leads to the small village of Portman, where there is a supermarket on the main thoroughfare if you need any top ups. After leaving Portman, the climbing resumes, with a challenging six-kilometer climb to the summit of Cruz Chiquita. The climb includes a kilometre of downhill, so the overall gradient is a little misleading, but the uphill sections average around 5%. From here, it’s either downhill or undulating for about 20 kilometres, meandering through small rural villages until you reach the Mar Menor Golf Resort, where the gradient gradually increases again as you back your way back to the start.

Interested in this route? Why not give it ago or book a trip on one of our epico tours and experience even more.

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