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Cycling in Norway's capital

Stunning scenery and magnificent vistas.

Norway is well-known for its scenic bicycle routes, but the city itself is breathtaking.

So, are you planning a trip to Scandinavia’s third largest city? If you are, you should consider not only cycling in the centre of Oslo, but also exploring the amazing forests beyond. It is packed with beautiful lakes and vistas that will leave you breathless.

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Gravel Cycling in Oslo

Norway’s capital successfully combines nature and city life, with short distances between the city centre and the countryside. You will become acquainted with the city in a single day.

Because Oslo is not particularly large in comparison to other large cities, it is pleasant to cycle, furthermore, the climate is bike-friendly but the temperature rarely rises above 25 degrees Celsius so that is something to keep in mind when planning your trip. 

Cycling has grown in popularity in Norway in recent years, and both locals and tourists on two wheels are a common sight in the cityscape. In other words, being a “green” traveller in Norway’s capital is very simple. Rental bikes are frequently available at hotels and local businesses, and much effort has been made to make two-wheeled transportation a safe option.

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The harbour promenade in Oslo

The harbour promenade, which includes some of Norway’s most famous buildings, is an ideal route for those looking for leisurely city sightseeing.

The nine kilometre long promenade features everything from famous museums and historic buildings to modern landmarks such as The Oslo Opera House, The Astrup Fearnley Museum, and Bjrvika Barcode, an area comprised of several narrow high-rise buildings of varying heights and widths.

And be warned: you will get hungry on this trip. Along the promenade, the aroma of fresh, local food from some of Oslo’s most exciting restaurants will follow you. You can be sure to find culinary experiences that are within your price range.

Trollstigen - Norway

Cycle around the peninsula of Bygdøy

Idyllic Bygdøy is a peninsula on the city’s west side. This is primarily a residential neighbourhood, but it is also known for its many popular museums, cafes, beaches, and forest trails for walking and cycling.

You can spend one moment exploring some of Norway’s greatest historical treasures at the Viking Museum or the Folk Museum, and the next relaxing on one of the city’s best beaches.

This is a leisurely 7.5-kilometre ride through a lovely cultural landscape. You’ll probably see animals on pasture and impressive buildings along the way, such as the Oscarshall castle, which serves as the royal family’s summer palace.

If you want to vary your trip, the surrounding forest of Bygdøyskogen has many different cycling trails.

Fjords - Norway

Pedal around the lake of Maridalsvannet

On both sides of the water, follow the trail through a large and open cultural landscape. There are several photogenic spots along the way, such as the ruins after the Margareta Church or one of the many viewpoints around the lake.

If you prefer a less hilly route, you can take the road instead of the cycling trail.

Riding next to the lake - Norway