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Captivating wild hinterland and breathtaking beaches

Rich pickings for bold riders

Sardinia is a gem in the Mediterranean Sea. Romance and intrigue flood through this island in the topography of the terrain. A medieval castle, a seaside marina, a spectacular coastal corniche, various centuries-old historical monuments, and more. This is a dreamy destination for any cycling holiday.

Popularity is slowly growing, with its roads keeping up to the same standards as other Mediterranean islands, such as Mallorca and Corsica.

The undulating spine of the ridge sweeps through with views of Sardinia’s interior. Flat-topped mountains rise from lush valleys. This cycling destination is certainly not short on beauty.

The Big Loop

Why not take on the entire island? Begin on the east coastline with white sandy beaches, climb limestone and granite mountains, visit glamour villages of the Costa Smeralda and then roll back along the west coast.

This 150km loop is one for the bucketlist and reserved for the most avid riders!

Picturesque Fishing Villages

Surrounded by mesmerising waters, it’s no surprise that Sardinia offers some of the best seafood on the planet. Throughout your cycling holiday, stop off at one of many picturesque fishing villages along the coastline.

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