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Captivating cycling tours with stretches of breathtaking beaches and stunning scenery

There is no shortage of spectacular routes, stunning scenery and countless off bike activities on this beautiful Italian island!

Sardinia, or Sardegna in Italian, is a large Mediterranean island off the west coast of Italy. It features a mountainous interior and a famous coastline with beautiful deep turquoise waters which draws throngs of tourists each year. There couldn’t be more to make it absolutely perfect for a cycling escape. Cagliari, on the island’s southern coast, is the regional capital of Italy. It is a very accessible tourist destination, with three international airports and ferries from mainland Italy.

The island has a long and fascinating history, and it is dotted with fascinating archaeological sites. During the Bronze Age, the island was inhabited by enigmatic people who constructed nuraghi – stone towers – throughout the island, as well as palaces, sacred wells, and other beautiful stone structures. Many are still standing as ruins and their significance has been recognised with a UNESCO World Heritage listing. 

From mountains, to beaches and beautiful heritage, Sardinia really has so much to offer you on and off the bike.

Sardinia serves up some of the best cycling weather all year round!

Forecasting the weather is difficult these days. Temperatures fluctuate frequently and abruptly but, without a doubt, Sardinia has some of the best weather in the world for road biking, mountain biking, and gravel biking – not to mention the island’s beautiful and diverse landscapes.

Statistically, the highest temperatures occur during the summer months, when temperatures can reach 40° C or around 100° F. However, our tours are always scheduled during the cooler hours of the day.

Our favourite time to visit is from March to the beginning of June where daytime temperatures range between 15° and 25° C (60-75° F). Even in the coldest months of the year, January and February, the weather can provide inviting, spring-like days that are ideal for getting out on two wheels. 

Urzulei, Sardinia, Italy - A road with many curves leads to the city of Urzulei, on the island of Sardinia on the east coast, on a day in May.

From the coast to the mountains, there are endless options to enjoy riding your bike!

At epico, before we list a location, we visit a location. With Sardinia, we have often been asked “Where is the best place for cycling on the island?” The answer? There is no single answer. 

Sardinia is much more than our intrepid cyclists can imagine. In reality, the island is quite large. For example, compared to other well-known cycling destinations such as Mallorca, which is 3,600 square kilometres, Sardinia is nearly seven times larger at 24,000 square kilometres. So, point made, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches, tasty restaurants and spectacular roads waiting for you to explore on the island.

Castelsardo town - Sardinia, Italy

What do cycling tours in Sardinia have to offer?

Sardinia has a low population density and therefore has numerous unpopulated areas waiting to be explored by bike, both near the coast and in the inland mountains. 

On any tour, you can expect to be shown to uncharted Sardinia, far from the chaos of the busier areas and cities of the island. 

Sardinia’s terrain is varied. There are flat areas but there is always a hill close by if you want to get some climbing in. As always, what goes up must eventually come down and the downs will be thoroughly enjoyed with the views of the ocean as the backdrop. The asphalt is also of decent quality throughout the island, and the Italian drivers are very courteous and considerate of cyclists.

Teulada - Sardinia, Italy

The Big Loop

Why not go for a ride around the whole island? Begin on the east coast with white sandy beaches, then climb limestone and granite mountains, visit the glamorous Costa Smeralda villages, and then return along the west coast. You’ll get a taste of everything the island has to offer whilst enjoying some amazing time on your bike. 

This 150km loop is one for the bucket list and only for the most experienced riders!