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Sa Calobra

10.3 km


50 mins

Sa Calobra is Mallorca’s main gem in terms of cycling and arguably the most challenging climb on the island. If you come there for a week (who would go to Mallorca for even less at all?) then you better hold off Sa Calobra for midweek - first to get in shape and second - well, just don’t rush to the main dish! Getting in shape will just make you enjoy this amazing ride much more. But be sure, whatever your plans are, the day you’ll head to Sa Calobra is going to be The day.

Climb to Gaucín (from Jimena)

Puerto de Ebo

8 km

440 m

30 min

Puerto de Ebo follows the CV-712 from Vall d'Ebo, heading over the pas towards the Costa Blanca. This is a short and fairly easy climb, with regular gradients. It is very popular with professional cyclists staying in nearby towns, who include Ebo as part of long circular rides.

Montserrat: climb to the Monastery from Monistrol

8.5 km


40 min

There is nothing more iconic for the Catalans than the Montserrat mountain, which is considered sacred. The monastery here attracts pilgrims by the hundreds of thousands. Same time the sheer beauty of nature here makes it a Mecca for hikers and cyclists alike. So we won't exaggerate to say that climbing this mountain is a must if you want some truly unforgettable and very local experience. The views are surrealist.

Port de Tudons (via Sella)



~50 mins

Port de Tudons is one of the most popular cycling climbs in the Valencia Community, and is a favoured training ground of professional riders over the winter. It has featured several times in the Vuelta a España, although often quite early in the stage rather than being a decisive climb.

The gradients on Port de Tudons are gentle and consistent, but the length makes it a moderately challenging climb; although one which is best included in a longer route rather than done by itself. The scenery is very picturesque, particularly on the lower slopes with views of the spectacular Puig Campana mountain.

Coll de Beixalís (from Encamp)

6.5 km


~40 mins

Climb overview

The Coll de Beixalis has two Impressive approaches. In the west from Anyos and from Encamp to the east. Climbing from Anyos you cover 8.7km and gain 618m making for a tough but consistent climb. Carrying an average gradient of 7% and peaking at 11% at 5km in its a great test. From Encamp it’s a bit less forgiving, It’s shorter at 6.5km and gains nearly the same elevation at 555m. The approach bears its teeth with an average gradient of 8.4% and a high of 15.8%. The toughest part kicks in early at about 1.5km and doesn’t relent for 5km, running at around 12% average, it then drops to between 5 and 8%. Bring your A game, your legs and lungs will be tested!

Can Grau

6.3 km

25 mins

This is a fenomenal climb right off the seaside from them the main road along the Costa Brava coast. With zero traffic, this road is offers nice ride with gradual gentle climb to the hill top where you'll find picturesque old church and small café if you ride in the summer. Just be wary of the little stretch with 14% gradient right before you arrive to the top. Gorgeous views are guaranteed!

Basque Coast at it’s best

25 km

1 hour

This is one of the nicest stretches of the coast of the Basque Country, with impressive views and some unique rock formations. Places to be recognised by some Game of Thrones fans!

La Mussara

10.5 km


45 mins

Alt de la Musara is a picturesque cycling climb situated in the Tarragona province of Catalonia. It has been used in the Volta a Catalunya professional race, most recently in 2017 when the riders descended this side.

The climb on the Vilaplana side is characterized by a high number of hairpin bends, as it winds its way through forest towards the Prades Mountains. Very ocasionally the trees open out to offer some nice views looking back down the climb.

Alt de la Musara is nominally open year round, with only very rare closures due to snow in winter.


10.7 km

Rocacorba has a history every cyclist should become a part of. Used for over a decade by many local pros as a testing climb, the famous mountain is a challenge to anyone and everyone. The 10.7 kilometre climb has a deceptive overall gradient of 7%. Starting teasingly gentle before levelling off and demanding your easiest gear on sections up to 11%, disciplined pacing will pay off for the last half of the climb that averages 9%. However, the quiet tree-lined road offers just enough respite to remain achievable for the determined weekend warrior. Keep your eyes peeled toward the top for the faded “Look Right” painted on the road to see spanning Pyrenean peaks through an opening in the trees.

The Cols around La Massana

85 km

~5 hours

This mountain roller coaster will take you from the town of La Massana to some of the most epic climbs in Andorra, especially Col de Beixalis and Col de la Gallina. Gruelling as it takes those climbs will test your legs but in return show you some breathtaking views.



Arcalis (Andorra) Arcalis is a fairly gentle climb for the most part. The first 6km are little more than false flat. From here, there are a few steeper gradients, but it is mostly steady and easy to settle into a comfortable rhythm.

Col de Ordino (from Canillo)

9 km

The Col de Ordino is situated in Andorra. This climb belongs to the Pyrenees. The Col de Ordino via Canillo is ranked number 340 of the Pyrenees. The climb is ranked number 22 in Andorra and number 5486 in the world. Starting from Canillo, the Col de Ordino ascent is 9 km long. Over this distance, you climb 439 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 4.9 %.



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