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Cycling Tours in Italy

Thinking about a cycling holiday at the glistening Mediterranean coats or riding the rolling hills of Tuscany? Our Italian cycling tours offer some of the most varied terrain and landscapes in Europe for cyclists of all levels, book your tour today!

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The best Italian road cycling tours in the world! Italy is one of the most beautiful and dramatic landscapes in Europe for road and gravel cycling.

Home to one of the three Grand Tours, the Giro d’Italia, Italy is no stranger to cycling culture. Cyclists flock from far and wide every year to ride its endless roads.

Ride in Tuscany where it all began on one of our cycling tours. The essential Italian region with famed cypress hills and charming villages has an incredible mixture of landscapes and culture. Cycling is a great way to explore the region and you can do it on the Classic Heritage cycling tour with just 335km with an average of 65 per day over 7 days with just 1000 m of elevation during the whole tour, so you can really soak up the region.

Ride your own bike or rent one through us. We have road bikes, e-bikes and touring bikes (subject to availability) so you can soar through the peaks of the Italian Alps or cruise the undulating Tuscan countryside on our cycling tours. Italy offers from some of the most challenging and to the most enjoyable conditions and terrains in Europe.

Italy is incredibly rich in history, culture and gastronomy, all of which play their part in making any cycling tour one of the most interesting and enjoyable experiences you’ll ever have on two wheels. From the mainland to the islands, there is a sea of opportunities for cycling adventures, regardless of your style, preferences or fitness level.

We don’t just offer cycling tours in Tuscany though, you can also ride your bike in the Islands such as Sicily and Sardinia which offer a spectacular backdrop to any cycling trip. For riders looking for more challenging conditions, Mount Etna on Sicily offers incredible climbing conditions and unparalleled views across the island and Mediterranean Sea. It is a 42 km climb to gain an astonishing 9000 metres in elevation. It is not one for the faint-hearted, but if you are up for the challenge, it is certainly an experience you will never forget.

Discover enchanting mediaeval villages, sample world-famous wines and witness some of nature’s most spectacular wonders. Italy is unquestionably a feast for the senses.