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The Best Cycling Tours of 2023

Explore our epic selection of the best cycling holidays in 2023 across Europe and beyond for every ability level and discipline. Book your trip now for 2023!

Cap de Formentor - Mallorca All inclusive

Mallorca Iconic Climbs Cycling Tour

6 days | Spain | Road

Conquer the Classic Climbs of Girona on this 6 day, all-inclusive tour. Enjoy beautiful climbs in this unique region and discover the roads used to train by many professional cyclists in the World Tour peloton. Test your legs and stay in the heart of Girona.

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All inclusive

French Riviera Cycling Camp & L’Etape de Tour

8 days I France I Road
29 June - 7 July 2024

Spend a cycling week of a lifetime. Ride the renowned roads and cols of the French Riviera, visit breathtaking Gorge du Verdon and finally - optionally - take part in L'Etape de Tour, World's top amateur cycling sportive, a dream of so many riders around the globe.

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Wanting to do a cycling tour for your 2023 holiday? Look no further! We have a host of awesome tours that will fit whatever you are looking for!

The best cycling holidays in 2023

A cycling holiday can mean different things for different people, and there are a lot of factors to take into account such as the kind of bike you want to ride, the location, the season, the intensity of the cycling holiday, etc. But regardless of your preferences, it is important to start planning early to be able to tick off as much of your cycling holiday wish-list as possible. 

2023 is shaping up to be a good year, and with the pandemic out of the headlines, we are finally able to plan some real cycling adventures! Flights around Europe in 2023 are also still very reasonable, so now is the best time to do the research, ask questions and book your cycling holiday for 2023. 

How do I find the cycling tour that’s right for me in 2023?

Booking any kind of holiday can be tricky, especially one that involves so many variables. So, in order to find the cycling tour that’s right for you, you need to take into consideration some all-important points. 

Choose the right terrain for your cycling trip

First of all, what style of riding are you looking for? Road, gravel, e-biking, or perhaps another of the other disciplines out there, like MTB. This matters because each tour will have its own specific routes planned along certain roads or trails. Make sure you check the type of bike you need before you book, otherwise you might find yourself having to rent an emergency bike! 

Best seasons for cycling by destination

You’ll then want to think about when you want to head off on your adventure. Which season do you think you’ll enjoy riding in most? Summer is traditionally the most popular season for holidays, but be careful if you plan on cycling through southern Europe, such as Spain, in July or August. You might well find yourself confined to your hotel room with the blinds down and the A/C on to escape the midday heat! 

Choose an itinerary that matches your cycling experience

Finally, it is very important to look carefully at the cycling tour’s itinerary and difficulty level. Be honest with yourself about how much cycling experience you have. Could you tackle three mountain passes in two days? Or would you prefer a mix of flat coastal rides and hilly inland roads? 

Use these pointers to guide yourself to the cycling tour that’s right for you, and don’t forget that if you’re nervous about travelling with your own bike, many tours will be able to help you reserve a rental bike before you get there.

Best winter sun cycling holidays in 2023

For those living in northern Europe and longing to ride your bike in some winter sun, you’ll want to have a look at cycling tours in a warm region of southern Europe, the Canary Islands and Morocco. Whether you’re looking for road and gravel tours, there are a whole host of possibilities out there for varying abilities that traverse some of the most spectacular landscapes this side of the globe. 

Gravel Cycling in Morocco

As we move further away from the lockdown days of the pandemic, 2023 is a chance to finally explore further afield. This Atlas Mountains by Gravel tour in Morocco is a seven-day adventure back in time. With between 80 and 100 km of cycling and over 1,000 metres of positive elevation each day, the tour covers an impressive amount of ground that not only offers you an introduction to the local cycling culture, but also to the people and places you’ll discover along the way, such as Tizi n’Tichka pass, UNESCO World Heritage Site Ait Benhaddou or the volcanic Anti-Atlas region. 

Road Cycling in the Canary Islands (Tenerife)

How about journeying even further south and enjoying some winter sun in 2023 with the Discover Tenerife: Road Bike Cycling Tour? This impressive tour across the island of Tenerife covers almost 500 km over the course of its eight day duration. The great thing about this particular cycling tour, is that each day you have the chance to choose your route from three different options, each with varying distances and elevation. You’ll also climb the island’s iconic Mount Teide more than once (no matter which level you choose!) and enjoy the panoramic views of the other Canary Islands from the top. The luxury accommodation on this cycling holiday in Tenerife and the mechanical support and nutrition you will be provided with throughout each ride are just a few more examples of what makes this one of the best winter sun cycling tours for 2023.

Cycling tours on the Costa del Sol

Another option is our cycling tour in southern Spain in the Andalusian city of Malaga, where you’ll spend seven days exploring the roads in and around this fantastic region. On this group tour, you’ll take on the impressive climbs that rise out of the city centre to the iconic hills and natural parks that border the coastal towns and white-washed villages. The Mediterranean Sea will form the backdrop to this sunny tour around one of Andalusia’s most-loved regions, and with an international airport just 15 minutes from the city centre, it’s one of our best-connected options for winter and spring holidays. 

Best cycling holidays for experienced riders in 2023

Summer is the perfect time of year to visit the high peaks of one of Europe’s most spectacular mountain ranges. The Alps, the Pyrenees and the Dolomites not only play host to the biggest and best Grand Tours in the world, but they also attract thousands of amateur cyclists every year who want to try their hand (and pedals) at scaling these impressive mountains on two wheels. If you’re an experienced cyclist, the cycling world is your oyster, so why not challenge yourself to a pro-level cycling tour in some of the most beautiful landscapes Europe has to offer.  

Road Cycling in The Alps

This eight-day French Alps Traverse: Legendary Climbs Cycling Tour kicks off in June. It’s jam-packed with legendary climbs such as the Col de l’Iseran and the Col de Vars, French cycling culture and breath-taking views, but it is not one for the faint-hearted. You need to have quite a bit of road cycling experience under your belt and a good level of fitness to tackle these immense summits and long descents. Also, if you time it just right, you might be able to tag some spectator days onto the beginning or end of your trip as the 2023 Tour de France will kick off on 1 July. Take a look at this ability level guide to get a better idea of how cycling tours are categorised and what you can expect from each level. 

Road Cycling in The Pyrenees

Another tour for experienced riders available for 2023 is the Legendary Pyrenees Road Bike Tour across the Spanish and French Pyrenees. This self-guided tour starts on the west coast and ends on the east coast, criss-crossing back and forth across the French-Spanish border over five days of challenging cycling. You’ll get to cycle on the same roads that feature in the Grand Tours and take on climbs such as the Tourmalet, Col d’Aspin, Pierre de Saint Martin, Marie Blanque and Aubisque. Once again, you’ll need a good level of fitness to really enjoy what this tour has to offer. Start your training now and be in tip-top shape for summer 2023!

Cycling tours for beginners in 2023

If you don’t have much experience riding, or you’re a beginner in the world of road cycling, why not have a look at our 2023 leisure cycling tours, or the possibility of signing up to a cycling tour with an e-bike? Even if you don’t own one, never fear. We can help you out with hiring an e-bike locally. 

Road Cycling in Tuscany 

The first tour dates for this Seven Days in Tuscany Tour open up in April. This guided seven-day tour will open your eyes to a whole new side of this romantic region of Italy. Italian food, local wine, rolling hills under the Tuscan sun, you name it. At an average of 70 km per day, it might be a challenge for first time riders. However, you do have the option to rent an e-bike to help give you an extra push towards the finish line each day. 

Self-guided cycling tours around the German lakes

One location you might not immediately think of as being the ideal 2023 destination for first-time cycling tourists is south Germany and the Moselle river. This seven-day self-guided bike tour along the Moselle River is a leisurely introduction into tour cycling. You’ll cycle no more than 50 km each day and along a designated cycle path that runs alongside the river, meaning that the chances of you getting lost or taking a wrong turn are very slim! Other tours of this kind in Germany include the seven-day Discover Lake Constance: Guided Bike Tour, or the Moselle River Adventure: Guided Bike and Boat Tour, which includes five nights on a state-of-the-art cruise ship.

Women’s Road Cycling in Girona

This Women’s Cycling Camp in Girona is another six-day guided road bike tour that will lead you to some of the best roads and climbs in this region of Catalonia. Discover not only the lively local cycling culture, but also legendary climbs such as Rocacorba, Els Angels and Sant Hilari Sacalm, as well as a host of mediaeval villages dotted throughout the Catalonian countryside. Spring and autumn are the best times of year for a tour like this, as north-east Spain can get uncomfortably hot in the peak summer months, making a long day in the saddle even more taxing. If this will be your first cycling trip, better to hit the Catalonian hills once the heat has died down or before summer really kicks in! 

Cycling tours with varying difficulty levels

You’ll also find that some cycling tours offer two or even three different routes each day to suit your ability level, or perhaps just your energy levels. This 2023 guided Corsica Cycling Tour for example allows participants to choose between a short and long route on most days of the tour. That also means more or less elevation depending on how you’re feeling. The beauty of a guided tour means that once you’ve decided on how much distance you want to cover, you just need to follow your guide and make sure you stay fueled along the route! 

Self-guided cycling tours in 2023

Some of the best cycling tours have self-guided itineraries. It’s true that you won’t have a group leader to tell you exactly where to go, but you will be given detailed instructions, maps and GPX files to follow. And of course, whether it’s roads or “groads” you’re guiding yourself along, the sense of adventure and personal achievement that you get at the end of each day is priceless. So, if you’re looking for a more independent cycling holiday, there is a great selection of self-guided cycling holidays for 2023. This Luxury Costa Brava: Leisure Cycling Tour for example is designed for you to take your cycling holiday completely at your own pace. The itinerary offers tips and recommendations on what else you can see and do each day once you have ridden the stage, including visits to local villages, cafés and beaches. 

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