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Calpe and Denia - the professionals' winter training ground


The Costa Blanca and Alicante region is ideal for cycling and serves as a popular winter training base for professional cycling teams. It has a sunny and warm climate all year and excellent roads for cycling, with a variety of climbs of varying lengths and gradients.

The road surfaces are almost all excellent, and if you go to the right places, there will be very little traffic. Furthermore, the region is served by Alicante airport, which has connections to many European destinations.

Our website contains a wealth of information about cycling in the area, check out our write up on Calpe and the best routes to ride there.

The best of both worlds for cycling in Costa Blanca

Travelling cyclists are usually looking for the best in two areas: climate and terrain. Local delicacies, the cost of living (and eating), and entertainment are usually secondary considerations.

So it’s a boon for the Costa Blanca that the World Health Organisation named it “one of the most equitable in the world” in 1986, praising it for being neither too hot nor too cold.

The region has an incredible 325 sunny days per year. Cyclists typically visit between October and May, when maximum temperatures range from 16°C to 25°C. From June to September, temperatures can easily reach 30°+, making riding a bit uncomfortable.

The average number of rainy days per month ranges from one in the middle of summer to six in December, with the spring months hovering around four. 

Then there’s the terrain, which is full of surprises. There are many long, flat lanes, often scented with the zesty smell of orange groves as well as staggering climbs that will get your legs screaming and your heart rate ramping up. So it really is a place for everyone.

Cumbre de Sol - Calpe, Spain

The Costa Blanca offers everything from road riding to gravel riding to mountain biking and for all levels

Aside from the sun, sand and sea, the Costa Blanca has become an international reference for a wide range of sports. It is an excellent destination for everyone, but especially for sports enthusiasts. The bicycle is the ideal mode of transportation for exploring the province of Alicante.

The Costa Brava offers mythical ports, endless roads, and constantly improved biking infrastructures to cyclists who want to visit, along with tasty Mediterranean cuisine, tradition, and cultural richness.

Cycling is one of our most favourite ways to explore as you may have guessed. You can venture in any direction and soak up the sights and sounds on your way to the beaches with good road conditions.

All of this, combined with a wide range of other attractions makes the Costa Blanca an ideal destination for high-profile international cyclists to start their pre-season training.

epico knows that the Costa Blanca reflects a spirit of improvement, the same spirit that we see in major sporting events like La Vuelta a Espana, which every year shows the world the great possibilities of the area and its surroundings. Visit Costa Blanca and enjoy the pleasure of a cycling tour.

Port d'Ebo & Coll de Rates

This difficult circular ride begins in Calpe, but it can begin in any of the towns near this part of the coast. It covers 116 kilometres and includes two of the best climbs in the region: the Port d’Ebo and the Coll de Rates.

Port d’Ebo is a particular favourite of ours due to the winding road and beautiful views of the Mediterranean. It takes you away from the more crowded coastal area and into the peace and quiet of the inland mountains. To get to the Coll de Rates, you must also pass through the lovely Pla de Petracos, which has the steepest gradients on the route, peaking at 17%.

Coll de Rates is the day’s final ascent. It is extremely popular among professional cyclists due to its consistency, making it an excellent choice for interval training. However, for cycling tourists, it is the scenery that stands out the most, especially on the descent through Tarbena and back to the coast.

Solo cyclist riding the Coll de Rates Secret Climb

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