E-biking through a forest in Europe


Do you want to explore our cycling tours by e-bike while staying in the best locations? Do you want to ride your bike along the Mediterranean coast or up Mount Ventoux and take in the scenery? Or do you want to spend the day exploring the best coves on the Costa Brava? Whatever your response, our leisure cycling tours by e bike are the best way to explore at your own pace.

E-bikes bring people of all abilities, level of fitness and skill together and allow you all to conquer the same routes and reach the same destinations.

An e-bike is designed to make cycling more convenient. A growing number of our cycling trips are now available with the option of an electric bike for rental or you can bring your own.

Using an e-peddling bike’s assistance opens up new possibilities, such as allowing people of various fitness levels to travel by bicycle and allowing less experienced or fit cyclists to attempt longer or more difficult routes that they might otherwise have written off as unachievable. By using an electric bike, you’ll be able to make your trip more appealing to your entire group.

The e-bikes are battery-powered, so you won’t hear any motor noise, and you can recharge them at night using the power outlet in your hotel room.

An e-bike is a great way for novice cyclists to experience the joys of a pedal-powered vacation. Anyone can get around Europe on their own terms by riding an e-bike.

If you’re looking for adventure, unbeatable cuisine and a spectacular variety of landscapes and terrain, then our e bike cycling tours should be at the top of your list.