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Calpe Road Cycling Camp 🇪🇸

6 days I Road I €795

Place of choice for international professional cycling teams. Great conditions and nice weather. Get better at cycling and still enjoy your time off the bike in one of Europe's most loved cycling destinations.

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Alentejo - Portugal

Essence of Portugal Road Bike Adventure 🇵🇹

7 days I Road I €1990

Combine excellent road cycling conditions with immersion in the culture of Portugal in this very special tour. Ride the hills, visit castles and stay in the old monasteries. Great food and wine experience to be expected.

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Andorra’s Epic Climbs Tour 🇦🇩

6 days I Andorra I €1495

Discover a place where the dominant protagonist is the mountain. Dare to take in the hardest slopes of European geography. Defy gravity on the asphalt on this road cycling holiday in Andorra.

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Sardinia - Italy

Italy’s Cagliari And Green Coast Cycling Tour 🇮🇹

7 days | Italy | €1590

Discover the south west coast of Sardinia, the Costa Verde. Forget the big tourist resorts, this area of Sardinia is simply breathtaking and will leave you wanting to explore more with your bike.

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Hidden Secrets of Catalonia Cycling Tour 🇪🇸

5 days | Spain | €1495

Discover the secrets of the Catalonia region. Ride through the mountains where the old bandits hid, immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the most traditional villages and enjoy their rich cuisine.

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Dolomites - Italy

Cycling The Dolomites and Stelvio 🇮🇹

7 days | Italy | €1135

Take on the arc of the Alpines. Conquer Italy. Discover empty tarmac. This is a ride of a lifetime, so why not make it epic? Trieste to Chiavenna, East to West. The Italian Alps are calling...

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The Tour of Legendary Climbs 🇫🇷

6 days I France I €2990

If you love the road racing of the great champions and dream of reaching the same famous summits of mountain climbs, then take the challenge and come pedal with us on this epic tour in the Pyrenees.

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La Vuelta Bike Camp in Murcia 🇪🇸

6 days I Road I €745

Discover the beautiful Murcia region at a leisurely pace and soak up the atmosphere of the La Vuelta a España which passes through. You will get the opportunity to cycle the same passes as the pro's in between watching the races.

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Wine Country And Douro River Road Bike Tour 🇵🇹

7 days I Portugal I €1990

Cycling in the Douro valley, this bike tour starts off in the world's first demarcated wine region, a UNESCO world heritage site and international park. Discover the trademark historical villages.

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Murcia Cycling and Wine 🇪🇸

9 days I Road I €895

Mild Mediterranean sun and perfect roads without end. Join the locals in celebrating year's wine harvest and the vibrant Murcian culture. Sounds like a second to none cycling trip.

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Barcelona to Girona Cycling Tour 🇪🇸

5 days | Spain | €1495

Ride through the most breathtaking scenery of Catalonia – a renowned cycling paradise. Ride perfect roads with little traffic and deep forests. Take on challenging mountain passes and discover the region.

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Alps - France

French Alps Grand Traverse 🇫🇷

8 days I France I €1155

Cross the Alps from Lake Geneva to the Côte d’Azur on this fantastic 8 day French Alps cycling holiday. Pedal the Northern Alps and the Mont Blanc range to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Alps - Switzerland

Swiss Alps Grand Traverse🇨🇭

6 days I Switzerland I €1195

A cycling tour for the ambitious road cyclist longing for summits and hairpin turns, Switzerland is perfection. Join us on this epic Swiss Alps cycling holiday to discover some amazing roads and push your riding to the next level.

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Across Portugal Cycling Tour 🇵🇹

10 days I Portugal I €2950

The best of Portugal for cycling enthusiasts: ride the Alentejo and Douro wine countries, explore national parks and take the challenge of epic climbs. Ride the whole country on one bike tour in a premium group.

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Pyrenees - France

French Pyrenees Cycling Adventure 🇫🇷

8 days I France I €1095

Ride the length of the Pyrenees, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. Discover some of the quieter routes in the cycling world while exploring the French side of these beasty mountains.

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Pyrenees - Spain

Spanish Pyrenees Cycling Adventure 🇪🇸

9 days I Spain I €1390

Experience the exceptionally remote roads and strenuous mountain passes in the Spanish Pyrenees. Stick with the standard route or add on harder passes and climbs each day for a bigger challenge.

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Dolomites - Italy

Tour of the Dolomites 🇮🇹

7 days I Italy I €1245

Explore and ride through the spectacular UNESCO-labeled landscapes of the Dolomites. Each day offers a choice of passes and climbs to ride. Cycling in the Dolomites, on these perfect roads, will leave you wanting to come back for more.

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Murcia to Malaga Road Bike Tour 🇪🇸

9 days I Road I €1095

Rich Spanish culture and breathtaking landscapes. The Murcia to Malaga Tour is for riders wanting to challenge themselves and experience the beauty on offer in southern Spain.

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Flanders - Belgium

Cobbles of Flanders Bike Tour 🇧🇪

4 days I Belgium I €499

Sweep through beautiful countryside and historical village cobbles. Pedal famous hill climbs and sample Belgium's flavours. A great road trip, perfect for all levels, and away from Europe's crowds.

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Costa Brava Cycling Tour 🇪🇸

6 days I Spain I €1495

Gorgeous riding on the Mediterranean picturesque coast. Spin along the rocky road following the sea, climb some serious mountains and soak up the iconic vibes of Girona – Europe's hottest cycling spot.

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Azores - Portugal

São Miguel Lagoons Cycling Tour 🇵🇹

7 days I Azores I €1990

Cycling by São Miguel Island lagoons, green fields, extinct volcanoes and thermal hot springs is a once in a lifetime experience. This bike tour in the Azores is a great challenge for nature loving cycling enthusiasts.

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Tuscany – Italy

The Best Of Tuscany Cycling Holiday 🇮🇹

7 days I Italy I €2280

Tuscany is where it all began. The essential Italian region with famed cypress hills and millennial villages has an incredible mixture of landscapes, culture and cuisine to earn it it's reputation of world's top destination. Cycling is the best way to fully embrace the magnificence of Tuscany and this tour has it all.

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Mallorca Classic Cycling 🇪🇸

7 days I Spain I €2450

Mallorca does not need lots of presentation - it is simply the hottest European cycling spot. Mild climate, sheer beauty and cycling culture made it top of the list. Experience Mallorca the way you will like.

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Italy Coast to Coast Cycling 🇮🇹

10 days I Italy I €3420

From the Tyrrhenian to Adriatic Sea, this 10 day tour offers an exciting and unique cycling adventure. Discover all that Italy has to offer, from coast to coast.

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Tuscany – Italy

Tuscany Hills and Sea Road Bike Adventure 🇮🇹

7 days I Italy I €2350

From splendid Siena to the unique Elba Island. This 7-day road bike tour is an exciting journey through the beautiful Tuscan countryside down to the majestic coastline and Mediterranean Sea.

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Best of Mallorca Road Cycling 🇪🇸

9 days I Spain I €1260

Mallorca is without a doubt the world's most treasured cycling paradise. Discover this varied landscape in a 9-day best of Mallorca cycling holiday navigating the island and rack up the miles covering the best Mallorca cycling routes.

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Andalusia White Villages Cycling Tour 🇪🇸

8 days I Spain I €1124

Journey into Andalusia - Spain's southernmost region and a country of impressive culture and nature. Pedal through the endless hills and mountains dotted with traditional white villages.

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Lake Como And Stelvio Pass Cycling Tour 🇮🇹

7 days I Road I €2990

The ultimate experience in the Italian Alps: first test yourself on the mythical Stelvio Pass then ride through the dramatic landscapes of Northern Italy to the pristine waters of the magnificent Lake Como.

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Parma & Liguria - Italy

Gastro Cycling Italy: Parma To Liguria 🇮🇹

7 days | Italy | €2790

Ride and dine on the Italian finest! This cycling & gastronomic tour takes you from the rolling hills of Emilia Romagna to the Appennino mountains diving into the sea. A feast for your legs, palate and eyes!

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Andalusia The Route of the Moors 🇪🇸

9 days I Spain I €1124

Explore authentic Andalucia - the white villages, the olive groves and magnificent Moorish heritage. Pedal through stunning landscapes and diverse terrain.

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Strade Bianche Gran Fondo with a Champion 🇮🇹

5 days I Italy I €1245

Strade Bianche is a dream for so many passionate cyclists. It's available for amateur riders as well! Take on this once-in-a-lifetime cycling experience and be helped and guided by Thomas Desonay, ex-pro rider who won the race in 2019!

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